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Lesser known aspects about Mahabharata.

Written by Guncha Khanna

We are fortunately born in such an age where we can access everything and anything on the internet. Sadly, not many of us know much about our  mythological texts. It  might not seem supremely important to have such knowledge, however it is definitely unbelievably interesting. Not only the epic itself, there are various adaptations of the same like the famous novel ‘The Palace of Illusions’ by Chitra Banerjiee Divakaruni. Here we give you some snippets from this great epic, which will help you know a lot more about it.

  1. Duryodhana did not participate in Draupadi’s Swayamvara

Duryodhana was the eldest of the Kauravas. It is a known fact that he was not a part of the famous Swayamvara, the reason being that he was already married to the princess of Kalinga, Bhanumati. He had promised her that he would never marry anyone else and he kept his word.


  1. Yudhishthir and his honesty.

The leader of the Pandava side in Kurukshetra war, Yudhishthir, had never lied in his entire life which is why his chariot was always a few inches above the ground. Following Lord Krishna’s theory, that a lie told to save someone’s life is not harmful, at the time of the battle Yudhishthir lied to Drona that Ashwathama was dead which actually lead to Drona’s death. After this, his chariot fell down to ground during the war.


  1. Not all Kaurava’s were against the Pandavas in the war.

Two of Dhritarashtra’s sons, Vikaran and Yuyutsu did not approve of Duryodhana’s actions and had actually protested against Draupadi being staked in the game of dice.

Not all men were insensitive, were they?


  1. Subhadra’s marriage

Balarama, the elder son of Krishna, had initially wanted to marry off Subhadra to Duryodhana. However Subhadra wanted to marry Arjun and so she ran away with him.


  1. The reason behind the war

Draupadi is said to be the main reason behind the war that took place. Incidents like when she is accused of calling Duryodhana- “the son of blind”. He got offended and so initiated a war because he wanted to conquer all the space under Pandavas as it was full of illusion.

However, Krishna had gone to Hastinapur being an emissary of peace. He had told the entire court that the Pandavas will not reject whatever he promises here. He asked for 5 villages to be given to them. There was no demand of war or reinstatement of Draupadi’s honor. In the capital of Kingdom Virata named Upaplavaya, where the allies of Pandavas sat and discussed the possibilities, Krishna had rejected all the claims of war. He declared that for personal revenges, you can’t ask every male to die.

The main reason behind the war can be Duryodhana’s greed or unmindful support of Karna or Shankuni’s poisonous role. Draupadi’s words may have bore insult but not war.


  1. Lord Krishna and his pledge

During the battle of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna had promised that he will not raise any weapon and on the other hand Bhishma had promised that he will either kill Arjun or make Lord Krishna break his promise. At the time of battle, just to save his devotee Lord Krishna attacked Bhishma after he shot an arrow and cut Arjun’s armor.


There are definitely a lot of intricate stories inside of this great epic. It is realistically  impossible to list all of them here but we hope you enjoyed reading these. If there are any snippets that you know about Mahabharata, feel free to comment down below and let all of us know as well!

Happy reading!

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Guncha Khanna

Currently studying English literature at KMC,University of Delhi. Reading, writing and painting give me immense pleasure. And I hope to make people think, laugh and enjoy with my writing skills. Happy reading!

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