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10 things every kid says to his/her mother!

Written by Guncha Khanna

Just like we gave you a list of things that every Indian mother says to her kid a few weeks ago, here we are presenting another list of some really interesting things that almost every Indian kid at some point in his/her life has said to their mother. You will surely be able to relate to these!

  1. “The test was really hard. Sabke kam marks aaye hain mom!”

This is the most common excuse we use when we score less in some subject because it actually makes a huge difference if Sharma Ji’s son also scores less in that very same subject. Yes, it does, because competition!

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  1. “Today is Akshit’s birthday.”

*few days later*

“Aaj Akshit ka birthday hai.”

This is a very common habit of us kids to make bahanas whenever we have to go out with our friends ‘just like that’. Not all parents are cool with the whole ‘hanging out with your friends’ thing, and so we have birthday celebrations very often. *Wink*


  1. “On my way only. Bas 5 minute mein aa rahi hoon.”

Even if you know you will leave almost a half an hour later, you will say that you are leaving in 5 minutes, or reaching in 5 minutes simply because you know how worried your mom is. And that comes naturally.


  1. “We have to submit a project on Monday. It’s very important.”

The most common excuse for sleepovers! Majority of the moms don’t allow sleepovers from safety point of view, but at least once in your life you have used this dialogue on your mom so that she allows you to go spend the night at a friend’s place. And ‘aap uski mom se baat karlo’ follows.


  1. “Group study, Ma. Group study!!”

Because most of the get togethers at a friend’s place are just group study sessions. Because studying is our sole aim. Right?


  1. “Ye shoes toh 2 saal pehle liye the. Even Rohan’s mom bought him new shoes.”

Want a new phone? New clothes? New shoes? This statement always works. Well, mostly.


  1. “I really need extra classes for Maths. Tutions!!”

As a kid, most of us hesitate taking tuitions because we think they are for the weak. However, once you grow up a little, tuitions are a fun way to step out of the house and interact with other kids from the neighborhood. Soon it becomes a favorite part of your day.


  1. “Aap usey hi zyada pyaar karte ho.”

Every Indian kid with a sibling, has definitely said this not once but many times to his/her mother. A way of getting more love and pampering from your mother.



  1. “Just give me 2 minutes.”

Clean the room? Set my cupboard? Study? Just give me two minutes mom. And those 2 minutes never really come.


  1. “I never lie to you.”

The promise of being honest. Even though most of your lies are white lies, but at some point you do lie a little to your mom and then feel guilty about it.


Your mother is definitely your favorite person in the world because she keeps up with all your tantrums and excuses. Even though she already knows that you are lying, nevertheless she supports you because she trusts you. Cheers to all the awesome mothers out there who have helped us throughout.

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