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“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”  ― Jack Kerouac 

Why do we stop people from expressing their views and opinions? Why is it that just because of minor errors in writing skills some voices remain unheard? Why do we say that we believe in Freedom of Expression when even on the internet, we are barred from expressing our viewpoint.

Here at An Inception, we have learnt to challenge this prejudice and are devoted to acknowledge every

About Usone’s view. An Inception is like a multi-sourced opinion blog. We not only restrict ourselves to articles but we also promote images provided by photographers all around the country. We endorse everyone’s contribution and treat them as highly as the matter provided by our own writers.

We do not say no to any article that comes our way because we feel it is the writer’s heart and soul that has been devoted into the article.

We also cover college fests. However the coverage of the college fest is purely opinion based unlike other university media websites.

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